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Here at http://vg2gardenerhandbook.blogspot.com/ , you will find announcements and excerpts pertaining to the "Victory Garden 2.0 - GARDENERS' HANDBOOKS" CURRENTLY IN PREPARATION, or in the planning. All related to the material you can find at http://victorygardens2.blogspot.com/ and http://victorygardening2.blogspot.com/ .

NOTICE : Copyright 1964-2009, OSL and VG2 Trust. All rights reserved worldwide.

These Handbooks will be freely downloadable, and also free to be made available on P2P Networks and torrents. Together, they will form a Victory Garden 2.0 - GENERAL GARDENER'S HANDBOOK that will also be published in conventional bookform, available through all channel where printed books are available.

LICENSE TO SHARE AND COPY: As long as in *unmodified form*, including the present notice, these Handbooks and the materials on the present and all related websites can all be freely non-commercially shared and republished in any manner of your choice, including on websites and in printed form, as long as no money is charged for access or use, directly or indirectly, and no modification is made.

OTHER LICENSING: For all commercial, government and educational use (except in institutions that charge nothing whatsoever to attend, which are already covered by the above license), including syndication in periodicals, media uses, and class uses in educational institutions that charge to attend, etc, please contact the copyright holders or the original publisher.


VG2 - Gardener's Handbook - Victory Garden 2.0 - Introduction to the Concepts of Victory Gardening Squared and Victory Gardening 2.0

Victory Gardening 2 stands for both "Victory Gardening Squared" and "Victory Gardening 2.0. You will find why in this Handbook.

VG2 - Gardener's Handbook - Victory Garden 2.0 - How to Establish your own Sustainable Functional-Food-Producing Organic Garden - The Magic of Soil Design

There is, obviously, some know-how involved with creating and maintaining your own Sustainable Organic Garden. You will find access to some of it in this Handbook.

VG2 - Gardener's Handbook - Victory Garden 2.0 - How to Get any 1 Square Foot to produce 2 to 3 Pounds (10 to 15 Kgs/m2) of Food in Intense Organic Cultivation Where the Climate Permits

Such as in Southern California, Florida and parts of Texas (or any sub-tropical or tropical country). Or anywhere, in a controlled climate, if you can create one.

VG2 - Gardener's Handbook - Victory Garden 2.0 - Lawn Annihilation Principles - Why You Want to Get Rid of Your "Lawn", and Replace it with a Food-producing Sustainable Organic Garden

The title tells it all.

VG2 - Gardener's Handbook - Victory Garden 2.0 - How to Create and Manage a Neighborhood Program or a Volunteer Program for your Sustainable Organic Garden

Maintaining an existing Garden is already quite some work. Creating one, even more. Find how to make your workload lighter in this Handbook. Perhaps a lot lighter!


VG2 - Gardener's Handbook - Victory Garden 2.0 - Healthy Food -- Healthy Gardening -- Healthy Aging.

There is no group of people for whom Victory Gardening 2 is more important than for the ill, the aged or the aging. In a word, Victory Gardening is an issue to which "Baby Boomers" are going to become more and more sensitive. Find out what VG2 will do for you!

VG2 - Gardener's Handbook - Victory Garden 2.0 - How Victory Gardening 2 could be Your Key to Permanent Weightloss and Weight control.

Have you gone from "diet" to "diet" in a seemigly endless and, within the parameters of "conventional" foods, quite senseless quest for a lower weight? Find out how VG2 could be a solution to your quandary.

VG2 - Gardener's Handbook - Victory Garden 2.0 - Victory Gardening 2 and its Possible Impact on Your Intimate Relationships

Degrading quality of your relationship, in quality, feelings and intensity, is often a price that comes with eating the sort of "food" available in supermarkets and at fast food joints. Find out how VG2 could help you in these matters.

VG2- Gardener's Handbook - Victory Garden 2.0 - How to Profit from the Coming Trends - A guide for Investors and Venture Capital

The very mark of the succesful early investor is to get in tune with the spirits of the time, and discern where demand is going to go. Envision before everyone else what's needed to answer the calls of the time. In a word, be the first to find out what's "going to be BIG" next. And act accordingly and decisively. Find out in this Handbook how you too could profit handsomely from these new trends.

Plus many more to come!

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